• Researcher & Presenter

    50+ formal presentations, 200+ lessons taught

  • Consultant/Coach

    500+ clients mentored and 70+ coaches trained

  • Business Mentor

    9 start-ups, 15+ businesses consulted, undergrad in Entrepreneurship and Master’s in Business Administration


Tristan F.

"Charles has a unique skill-set that he brings to the table. He's able to effectively influence those he coaches and create a space for them to draw out success plans for themselves. Charles led many training sessions where he was able to convey theory into tangible application. He is a dynamic speaker and successfully builds relationships. Charles' entrepreneurial spirit will serve his clients well in his new endeavors"


Jewels O.

"Charles is energetic, engaging, delightful, and intelligent. His content is well thought out. He makes complex theory simple and applicable. He uses stories from his wealth of life experiences to illustrate each point. I have seen him present many times. Within seconds he develops a great connection with his audience. Charles is authentic, articulate, polished, and has a good sense of humor. He brings a unique perspective, an incredible stage presence, and an experience base you will find invaluable."

Experiences & Achievements

Raised $10,000 in under 48 hours for a medical/relief mission: Typhoon Haiyan.

4% bodyfat, UVU Ninja Warrior, Placed Top 5 Spartan Race, Health & Wellness Coach.

Completed 2-year certification from a top 3 leadership program in the world.

Married an amazing woman who practices Marriage & Family Therapy emphasizing connection, transparency, & communication.